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Marine Renewables Canada 2013 Annual Conference – Speaker Presentations now Available

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From Prototyping Technology to Prototyping an Industry 

November 20-21, 2013
The Westin ● Ottawa, Ontario 

The 2013 annual conference focused on moving from development and deployment of single devices to a focus on developing projects at a scale that will grow a value chain, reduce costs and risks, attract investment, and create new and enduring economic opportunities. Speakers and panels explored the challenges, pathway, and building blocks of such a pursuit. The two-day conference had the largest attendance to date, bringing together leaders and experts throughout the Canadian and international marine renewable energy industry.


Presentations – Day One

Chris Campbell, Executive Director & Doug Keefe, Chair: Opening and Welcome

Tony Wright, Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE): Uncharted Waters – working in high flow environments

Dr. Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba: Catalyzing Canada’s River Energy Opportunity

Dr. Brad Buckham, West Coast Wave Initiative – Institute for Integrated Energy Systems Victoria: A Strategic Approach to Wave Energy Development

Stephen Dempsey, Offshore Research Energy Association (OERA): Advancing the Research & Innovation Agenda

Kai Koelmel, Siemens: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Chris Griffiths, Grey Island Energy: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Chris Gora, Clean Current Power Systems: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Hannes Hornung, Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Clayton Bear, New Energy Corp: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Dr. Ralf Starzmann, Schottel: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience

Pierre Blanchet, Idenergie: PANEL Session 2 – Device Development Experience 

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Honourable Andrew Younger, Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Energy

Don Bryan, MacArtney: Subsea Experience

Eric Siegel, Nortek: Instrumentation and Monitoring

Anne van Houten, Bluewater Energy Services B.V: Floating to the Future of Tidal Energy

Peter Gifford, ExtremeOcean Innovation: Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessel for Next Generation Offshore Wind Farms

Bruce Cameron, Nova Scotia Department of Energy: Moving Forward with Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable Energy Strategy

Dana Morin, Fundy Tidal Inc.: Building Local Opportunities through Community Ownership

Nathan Johnson, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC): Risk, Impacts, and the role of Adaptive Management

Jonathan Brady, Natural Resources Canada: Progress Towards a National Policy Framework

Dr. Ian Davies, Marine Scotland: International Perspective: Planning & Licensing and Science in Scottish Waters

Presentations – Day Two

Dr. David Wheeler, Cape Breton University: Opening – Canada’s strengths, challenges and the global context

Simon DePietro, DP Energy: PANEL Session 5 – Finance for a Marine Renewable Energy Industry

Stephan Ouaknine, Inerjys Ventures: PANEL Session 5 – Finance for a Marine Renewable Energy Industry

Calum Davidson, Highland and Islands Enterprise: PANEL Session 5 – Finance for a Marine Renewable Energy Industry

Dr. Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University: PANEL Session 5 – Finance for a Marine Renewable Energy Industry 

Dr. Anna Redden, Acadia Tidal Energy Institute: Advancing Knowledge through Research and Innovation

Dr. Richard Karsten, Acadia University: Reducing the Cost of In-stream Tidal Energy Generation through Comprehensive Hydrodynamic Site Assessment

Rick Armstrong, Maine Maritime Academy: Advancing Tidal Energy at Maine’s Tidal Energy Demonstration and Evaluation Center (TEDEC)

Jarett Goldsmith, GL Garrad Hassan: Experience & Results from the ReDAPT (Reliable Data Acquisition Platform for Tidal) and PerAWaT (Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal array systems) Projects

Dr. Bryson Robertson & Dr. Helen Bailey – University of Victoria/West Coast Wave Initiative: Wave Resource Assessment and WEC Performance Optimization

Wayne Jenkinson, National Research Council of Canada: Assessment of Canada’s Hydrokinetic Power Potential

Lynda Wood, Manager, NSERC: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Research Partnership Grants Overview – Opportunities for researchers and industry

Dr. Sue Molloy, Glas Ocean Engineering: The Role of Standards in Industry Development 

Ryan Nicoll, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.: All tied up: challenges and developments in mooring design standards for marine renewables

Voytek Klaptocz, Mavi Innovations: Impact of channel blockage, free surface proximity and foundations on the performance of Tidal/River Energy Converters

Vadim Belotserkovsky, Hatch: River Current Resource Assessment and Characterization Considering Ice Conditions




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